Yoga Session was organized for the teachers on 25 September 2017. The session was conducted by Miss. Gayathri, the yoga instructor of the school, who said that, “Yoga is a path to a classroom where teachers and students can relax in the face of stress and love themselves, each other and their work a little more”.  She also explained that yoga helps in maintaining not only physical and mental health but also a healthy social life.  The teachers were taught various ‘Asanas’ and ‘Mudras’ followed by ‘Pranayama’ – The practice of conscious breathing which provides a ready solution for many challenges during the school- day.  Addressing the teachers, the Yoga Instructor, Miss Gayathri appealed to the teachers to include yoga in their daily routine for its wholesome and salubrious effects on the mind, body and soul.  The session concluded with the teachers having to fill a questionnaire and share their views on a profitable and sustainable yoga career.

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