An interesting and engaging workshop was conducted on as to how to teach grammar in an integrated way, wherein the LSRW skills were the crux of the workshop.  Four exemplary activities were conducted which can be incorporated after an initial deductive way of teaching grammar is thoroughly drilled in the class.  Clap and Snap activity: For the reinforcement of nouns and adjectives, this activity is a fun way to check the cognitive skill as well as the fine motor skills of a student simultaneously. This activity can be implemented at our level to gauge our students’ grammar prowess.  Pictorial representation of describing words: Children’s love for doodling can be utilized for grammar learning in a fun way through this activity. This engrossing activity wherein listening and speaking skills are condensed together, can be incorporated for the reinforcement of adjectives (opposites) wherein the child will listen to the instructions, understand the adjectives and draw the details accordingly. This includes working in pairs and rectifying each other’s drawing by using interrogative sentences. The same can include life skills keeping the said topic in mind to remove the pre-conditioned stereo type perceptions.  Enact according to the instructions: This activity engages the aural and motor skills of a child. They work in pairs and rectify themselves, learning onomatopoeic words, imperative sentences and life skills. The instructions can be curated according to our level (making a lemonade or an omelette) .  Spelling test through dictation : A paragraph/ stanza with proper pause and voice modulation was read out in an innovative way  and the learners were asked to write the same keeping the punctuations and contractions in mind.  The teacher didn’t rectify the errors herself but further heightened the curiosity by asking the students to check it themselves. This is an interesting activity which can be practiced as a fun activity at our level to gear up the students for the higher grades.

 The activities were planned very aptly and the curiosity amongst the learners was highly palpable in the air, thus making it obvious that the teachers are going to curate and  implement  these activities without wasting any time at their level with equal vigour .

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