A workshop on the topic “Hygiene and cleanliness” was conducted for the students from classes 3-5 on the 23rd of Aug 2017 by the in- house faculty member Ms Ruksana Begum.

The workshop was aimed at creating awareness amongst the students about personal hygiene.

The following areas were stressed upon:-

  • Brushing of teeth twice a day.
  • Taking bath daily with soap.
  • Washing hands with soap before and after having food.
  • Trimming of nails.
  • Keeping the classroom neat and clean.
  • Washing of hands with soap after using the toilet.
  • Eating healthy food.
  • Use of napkins while having lunch in the classroom.

A Video was also shown during this session on hygiene and cleanliness. Children also took part in the interactive session and shared their views.  Another session was conducted for the girl students of high school from VI-XI on the 30th of Aug 2017. The issue of personal hygiene and cleanliness was addressed and a few tips on maintaining the same were discussed. Students shared their views and shared their concerns pertaining to a few areas.   

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