With the objective of creating a fresh breed of talents, a skit performance was organised for students of grades I and II, in the second and third week of January. The aim was to bring about a unique amalgamation of spreading social awareness and imbibing compassionate values, in addition to nurturing young talents, adept at miming, meticulously delivering dialogues, displaying music and dance. The splendid performance by amateur performers certainly had the viewers asking for more and their curiosity was evident in their enthusiasm to witness the next skit. It certainly was a soul curry to witness all the students showcasing skits on various humane and educative topics like “Pets”, “Sharing and Caring”, “Save Water”, values of “Friendship”, saving “Trees”, loving your “Parents” to name a few. It was a small endeavour on the part of the teachers towards preparing the students to becoming more passionate and empathetic individuals in today’s increasingly competitive world.

skit 1 skit 2 skit 3