The school observed International Yoga Day by organising a full-fledged yoga session for the students on 21st June 2018. Students of Classes I to XII were part of this mass demonstration. They were made aware of the relevance of the yoga in daily life. Different asanas like Suryanamaskara, Urdhavamukhasna, Padhastasana, etc. were demonstrated under the guidance of Ms.Sindhu, the yoga instructor.  These asanas were taught to bring about holistic approach to health and wellbeing among the students. In the present day when students face stress, tension, fear, etc.  Simple asanas can help dispel these.  The Yoga instructor said “Yoga is essential for inner and physical growth. It enhances the mental and physical well-being.” She also motivated the students to make Yoga an important part of their daily routine to stay fit and healthy.

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