manjula website website 2 website 3 website 4Keeping with the  tradition of celebrating world Environment day ,National Public School CKBNR, organised a programme on 5th June 2017. The theme was “connecting people with nature”. The programme started with the  morning assembly conducted by students of grades 5 to 9 . A mime on “Save water” was enacted by the students of grades 6 and 9. Melodious songs were sung by the students of grades 6 and 10. Ananya of grade 9 enlightened the students on the importance of the environment and how to connect with nature. The principal, Mr. Rajesh Pillai, in his address, advised children to imbibe the qualities of a tree.

The environment day provides the opportunity to create awareness on environmental issues for the children through fun and interactive activities. The following activities were organised for each class 

       Grade1&2- Badge and bookmark colouring

       Grade 3to 5 – Poem recitation competition

       Grade 6to 10- Bulletin board decoration

All students participated with great enthusiasm.

Saplings were planted by the students under the supervision of the Principal and the teachers.  The teachers motivated the students to plant more trees in order to make surroundings green.