The spell-bee competition for the grade (VI-VII Juniors) and (VIII-X Seniors) was conducted on the 20th of June 2017 in the theatre room.

The eight finalists who had qualified to the finals, were shortlisted through two qualifying rounds comprising of various Challenging levels – dictations, unscramble the word, word grid etc.  

The first session for the Junior category (VI-VII) was conducted in the 2nd and 3rd period respectively. The session was conducted in four rounds namely-buzz the right word, correct choice of homophones, tongue twisters and rapid fire. Each and every participant gave their best to get to the top.  The second session for the Senior Category (VIII-X) was conducted in the 9th and zero period. This session also had four rounds of different difficulty level namely-Choose the right spelling, identify the right word with the help of the clues provided, pronunciation and rapid fire. It was a tough fight towards the end and the quiz master had to decide the first and second places through a tie-breaker.  Both the sessions were entertaining and illuminative. The audience was also given the opportunity to win some prizes. Our Principal Mr.Rajesh Pillai appreciated the efforts of the teachers for organising such a wonderful event. He also congratulated all the students for their participation.  The session was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.