A one day trip for the classes from 3-8 was organised by Crazy Holidays on the 7th of Oct 2017.The main aim was to give the students a firsthand experience of nature and the most required relaxation after the mid-term exams.

The enthusiastic students came well prepared and eager to reach their respective destinations. Classes from 3-5 were taken to “The Big Barn” located at Bannergatta and for the classes from 6-8 it was “My Native Village” located at Hessargatta.

The programme was scheduled from 8.30 a.m-5.30 p.m.Students had a wonderful experience of being with nature and understanding its importance. The peace and serenity took them away from the hustle and bustle of their busy school life.

The students at “The Native Village” had a great experience of knowing the culture and heritage of villages which carry the rich heritage of our country. They enjoyed all the traditional games such as swinging ,climbing trees, kabbadi, tug of war, laggeri, pottery, bullock cart ride, cricket, statue dance  and at the  end  milking the cows .The campus was lush green  with some area for farming and rearing birds such as chicken , ducks, Turkey etc.

Students at “The Big Barn” also had a wonderful experience. They had lots of fun with favourite animals like rabbit, duck, fish, chicken, cow, lamb etc. They also tried on clay modelling, gardening and tree house climbing .

With good food and friends around the day was memorable for each and everyone. The day became more memorable as nature too joined in the celebrations with a great shower !

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