Teachers’ Day (5th September’2016)

Teachers Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm. Students put up various cultural programmes for teachers. The teachers tapped their feet and swayed rhythmically to music. The students held the attention of the teachers with their enthralling performance. The highlight of the day was the Treasure Hunt which had the teachers on their toes, in their search for the treasure. The Principal Mr Rajesh Pillai and the Director Mrs Preeti Reddy presided over the programme.

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Ganesh Chaturthi (7th September’2016):

Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated on the 7th of September 2016 in the kindergarten assembly hall. All the teachers from the kindergarten segment decorated the hall with flowers, colourful crepe papers, mango leaves and a traditional colourful rangoli. Each segment was taken for the darshan followed by the distribution of the prasadam in the respective classes. A dance drama was enacted by few children about the story of Lord Ganesh. Shlokas and songs were sung during the program. Children and teachers were dressed up in traditional attires. The Visarjan was done on the same day at 3.pm.

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Coping with Adolescence (7th September’2016)

Adolescence marks the beginning of physical changes which indirectly affects the mental state of the students. To help students cope with the stress of growing up, Dr. Urvashi, a Senior Gynaecologist from Sapathagiri Hospital was invited on 7th September to address the girls on the aches and pains of growing up. She also sensitized the students on the different aspects of puberty and the need to maintain proper hygiene with respect to the same.

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Report on Hindi Divas (9th September’2016)

Hindi Divas was celebrated in the school premises on 19th September. The programme started off with Saraswathi Vandana followed by the thought and news in Hindi. Social issues were highlighted and presented in a humorous manner. The fun-filled skit had the audience burst out into peals of laughter. The dance based on National Integration was the highlight of the show. Principal Mr Rajesh Pillai appreciated the performance of the students and motivated them to take up the language seriously.

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Hear My voice (21st September’2016)

To boost the self-confidence in our tiny tots, we had “HEAR MY VOICE contest. All the arrangements were done in assembly hall. The backdrop was made using the theme “HUMPTY SITTING ON THE WALL”. Most of the children were very confident and they sang the rhymes very nicely. Few were little hesitant. At this stage all the children are winners, but outstanding performances were awarded with trophies. Children were very happy to receive the trophies.

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Melody times (23rd September’2016):

In order to eliminate stage fear, the children of Kg1 participated in a competition titled “ Melody Times”.The competition was held in 2 different venues on the same day. Children were judged on three areas such as presentation, clarity and confidence.  With great support and encoragement from the home environment few children were able to sing confidently and take home their trophy’s. Judges were different teachers from the kindergarten segment.

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