The Central Board of Secondary Education and Petroleum Conservation Research Association are committed to make oil conservation a National Movement. As a part of its mandate, various literary and cultural events are conducted for school students. Essay writing, painting  competitions were conducted with the aim to create awareness among youth on the conservation of petroleum products in industrial, transportation, agriculture and domestic sectors and how to practice such conservation in their daily lives. Classes 5 to 7 participated in painting competition on the topic “CLEAN FUEL, BETTER LIFE.” Classes 8 to 10 participated in essay competition on the topic ‘‘SAVE FUEL FOR BETTER HEALTH AND ENVIRONMENT.” The students exhibited their skills through paintings and other forms of writing.

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National Public School, Ckbnr, in collaboration with Vijaya Bank conducted a cartoon scripting competition for the students of classes VI – VIII, as a part of Vigilance Awareness Week. The topics included Corruption, Role of Youth in eradication of Corruption, Honesty and Integrity, Importance of Morals and Values and Transparency in Governance. Thirty students of classes VI – VIII participated with great enthusiasm and expressed their ideas on the given topics through visual images and slogans. This competition gave students an opportunity to showcase their creativity and language skills. Poorna of Class X won the first prize, Trayi Joshi of Class IX bagged the second prize, Vikas of Class X was awarded the third prize. Piyush of Class IX was given a consolation prize.

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GREETING  CARD MAKING(26th October’2016)

On 26th  October 2016, the children of class 1 and 2 were given the activity of making greeting cards for their beloved ones. Prior information was given to the children to bring  lady’s finger.  Cards, paints and colouring worksheets were provided from the school. Students made beautiful cards, wrote Diwali wishes and took it home with a lot of excitement to gift their family members. The main objective of this activity was to introduce children to vegetable printing.



As a part of the English literary activity, memory game and best out of waste were conducted for grade 1 and 2.The preliminary round  for memory game was conducted on 5th Aug 2016 and final round on 12th Aug 2016. Children were informed about the best out of waste activity ten days prior to practice. The participants brought the raw materials and made the final product on 6th Aug 2016. The items were displayed and the winners were awarded with medals on 28th Oct 2016.