A talent hunt is a great way to explore and celebrate the performing abilities of the students.  National Public School, Chikkabanavara organized “Talentia ‘2016” in the school premises on the 5th of July 2016 .  The event was inaugurated by the Principal, Mr.Rajesh Pillai.  Students of grades 2 to 10 explored their hidden talents and participated in one of the following events that included music, art, cooking, dance and x-factor.  The guidance of the teachers and parents further enabled sharpening the inborn talents of the students. It also provided opportunity for character building during practice and performance.   The event was a huge success and it won the appreciation of students and parents.

talentia 1 talentia 3 talentia 4 talentiua 2


A stress-management workshop was conducted by Mr. Lakshmeesha S .P on 16th July 2016 for the students of grade 9 and 10. It was organized to help the students to cope more effectively with stress and to find remedies for specific problems associated with stressful situations. The facilitator  guided the students by giving suitable examples from his own experiences and the students were motivated to excel by following discipline and effective time management in day to day life.  Teachers incorporate various techniques on a daily basis, as a part of their teaching, which ensures that the children are relaxed.

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A Gender sensitization workshop was conducted for the students of National Public School on 23rd July 2016 by Mrs. Sunita Sharma. It was attended by the students of grade 6 to 10.  The aim of human right education and gender sensitization is to build a universal culture of human rights through imparting knowledge and skills and also by moulding of attitudes. It aims at changing behaviour and instilling empathy into the views that we hold about our own and the other gender and to promote equal outcomes for girls and boys.  The workshop included various activities where students participated with great enthusiasm.

The activities were as follows.

Activity 1-Gender Division of Articles, Activities, Roles and Qualities

Activity 2-Understanding Discriminatory Practices and its Linkage to Patriarchy

Activity 3-The Wheel of Equality

Activity 4-Self-Disclosure of Male/Female Roles

The participants exchanged their views on the role of family, religion, media, career and profession in the process of gender discrimination.  The workshop concluded with a pledge to respect each other and thereby removing the discrimination prevailing in the society.

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