The second Annual Day of National Public School, Ckbnr was celebrated with much fanfare on the 16th and 22nd December’2017 in the newly built auditorium.

While the tiny tots from the Kindergarten and Grades I & II took over the stage on 16th December’2017, students of Grades III – XI showcased their talent on 22nd December’2017.

‘Sanchari – Discovery of India’, presented by the pre-primary students, highlighted the passion of travel to understand the diverse culture and tradition of India through various folk dances. The finale was indeed a memorable moment which evoked patriotic feelings in everyone present in the auditorium.

The programme presented by Grades I & II was a high octane display of a plethora of dances based on different seasons laced with crisp acts by characters from the fairy tale characters. The performance was further amplified  the brilliant visual sprinkling on the stage.

The students of Grades III –V presented an inspired performance on the theme ‘Team of the Year’. It was presented in the form of a reality show wherein the students showcased their talent in various forms such as elastic dance, LED wing dance, mime, optical illusion and classical forms. The music and visuals, symbolic of various hues, enthralled the audience.

The magnum opus show based on the life of the legendary King Ashoka was depicted in the form of a dance drama by the students of Grades VI – Xi. The show highlighted the different stages of Ashoka’s life, from childhood till his embracing Buddhism post the Kalinga war.

The programme was presided by the Guest of Honour CHAIRMAN Mr. Y. RAJAREDDY, The Guest of Honour, in her speech, advised the students never to forget their school, which makes them what they are. The Director, Ms. Preethi Reddy and the Principal, Mr. Rajesh Pillai thanked the gathering for their presence and appreciated the parents and teachers for their involvement and support.

The Annual Day left behind a train of beautiful and mesmerizing memories for everyone to remember and rejoice.

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